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LOCTITE® Equipment

One of the most significant factors in any successful adhesion application is applying the adhesive efficiently and effectively. Since 1971, Henkel has designed, built and integrated high quality monitoring and dispensing equipment solutions. The company's experience and partnerships between customer, application engineering, and equipment engineering guarantees the highest level of expertise, backed by technical service and support unmatched in the industry.

Precision in Dispensing

EQ VA20 Volumetric Dispense Valve (IDH 2084141)

The new LOCTITE® EQ VA20 Volumetric Valve is a positive displacement metering valve that dispenses a precise drop of adhesive with each cycle. Positive displacement minimizes dose size variation due to adhesive viscosity variations, variations due to both temperature changes and adhesive manufacturing variability. This unique design combines the features of a typical valve/volumetric pump system into a single valve, thereby reducing system complexity.

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