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Compact Single Rotor Pump System

Loctite® Equipment

The Compact Single Rotor Pump Dispense System is a rotating volumetric displacement system that provides a high level of repeatability while dispensing adhesive out of a product reservoir. The system can apply Loctite products such as anaerobics, acrylates, and UV acrylates for bead, drop, or potting applications with a high level of precision. Designed for use with Loctite benchtop robots, or can integrate into any stationary work cell.

Featured Compact Single Rotor Pump System

Item # Title Price
1196160 Compact Rotor Pump Dispenser 4.0 $4,286.69
1741601 Compact Micro Rotor Pump Dispenser 1.0 $4,731.17
1880232 EQ RC15 Pump Controller $2,646.70