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Hand held adhesive dispensing valves

Loctite® Equipment

Loctite® dispensing valves provide the highest level of dispense performance and long term reliability for adhesive systems on the market today. Dispense cycle repeatability, range of operation, and ease of use are second to none. Choose from a wide variety of hand-held valves to meet your process requirements

Featured Hand held adhesive dispensing valves

Item # Title Price
97111 Manual Hand-Held Applicator $468.15
97112 Hand-Held Applicator (Foot Switch activated) $767.22
97116 Hand-Held Applicator with Finger Switch $782.57
97130 Loctite LV Hand-Held Applicator $767.93
97131 Vari-Drop ® Applicator with 1/4 inch Feedline Tubing and two Spring Guards $196.80
97132 Vari-Drop® Applicator w/o tubing & guards. $60.11