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The Loctite® LED Flood Array System is a modular system consisting of LED flood array light source, controller, connection cable, and footswitch. The high output LED Arrays are designed for Loctite® UV/Visible cure adhesives. The expected life is over 20,000 hours with proper handling. Unlike traditional arc lamps, 100% of LED light output is within the usable cure spectrum of Loctite® adhesives. Each LED Array consists of individually reflectorized LEDs for creating a uniform curing area. The LED Flood Array needs to be selected according to the curing requirements of the adhesive.

Featured LED Flood Array Systems

Item # Title Price
1333333 LED Flood Cable from Array to Controller $88.36
1359255 LED Flood System Controller $2,357.44
2139182 EQ CL30 LED Flood 365 $4,795.00
2139181 EQ CL30 LED Flood 380 $4,366.29
2139180 EQ CL30 LED Flood 405 $3,539.11