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Optional Accessories - LED Systems

Loctite® Equipment

Loctite® provides a vast array of LED accessories on the market today. Choose from LED accessories such as timers, safety glasses, or AC adapters to complete your Loctite® curing process.

Featured Optional Accessories - LED Systems

Item # Title Price
1034030 Mounting Bracket for CureJet™, 7700-HD, or 7703-HD onto Robots $235.36
1403401 Adapter for Dosimeter 1265282. For use with 405 CureJet™ LED 976420 and Indigo CureJet™ LED 976418 $57.91
1403402 Adapter for Dosimeter 1390323 or 1265282. For CL10 or CL25 LED Spot Cure System $66.15
1403403 Adapter for Dosimeter 1265282. For use with Visible arc lamps only $119.13
1421420 Adapter for Dosimeters 1265282 and 1390323. $57.91
8900550 PLC 9-Pin Male Interface Cable for LED and CureJet™ Light Sources $59.08
97201 Footswitch $65.95