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Posi-Link Actuators and Controller

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The Loctite® Posi-Link Actuators provides adhesive dispensing by effecting incremental movements of a piston and displacing programmable quantities of adhesive with syringe barrel. The Actuators consists of a remote dispense head tethered to the Actuator housing. The Loctite® Posi-Link Controller is the operator interface for the Posi-Link System and is connected to the Posi-Link Actuators via a communications cable. The Controller is used to program the dispense functions and initiate dispense cycles in an automatic or manual mode. It also displays information pertaining to the set-up and in-cycle data.

Featured Posi-Link Actuators and Controller

Item # Title Price
98377 Loctite® Posi-Link Controller $1,677.40
98379 Loctite Posi-Link 10-50 Actuator $5,458.43