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Soft Squeeze Bottles

Loctite® Equipment

Loctite® offers a comprehensive line of easy-to-use soft-squeeze bottles. These allow you to download adhesive from larger containers for simple hand-held adhesive applications. Choose from 2 oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz bottles and caps that accept dispense needle tips. Great for placing drops of adhesive manually.

Featured Soft Squeeze Bottles

Item # Title Price
98345 Soft Squeeze Bottle, 2 oz (50pk) accepts 98348 or 98350 caps $59.87
98346 Soft Squeeze Bottle, 4 oz (50pk) accepts 98349 or 98351 caps $69.06
98347 Soft Squeeze Bottle, 8 oz (50pk) accepts 98349 or 98351 caps $93.14