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Syringe Dispensers- Manual and Pneumatic

Loctite® Equipment

The Loctite Syringe dispensing systems are designed to dispense adhesives and fluids packaged in 3, 5, 10, 30, 55 syringes and 300 ml cartridges. Choose from manual, hand held dispensers, bench top models (both digital and analog) or foot operated models. All are designed for accurate adhesive dispensing processes. The 30 ml PUR Dispense System is designed to dispense dots or beads of Loctite PUR Hot Melt adhesive products packaged in 30 ml syringe barrels. The system consists of a Controller, Dispense Head and Pre Heater. The system is designed to be used with Loctite Benchtop Robots or can integrate into any stationary work cell.

All Syringe Dispensers- Manual and Pneumatic