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Under the brand Teroson, Henkel provides a range of Equipment for use with Teroson adhesives to bond screens and windows of all types of vehicles. These Teroson products complies with car manufacturing recommendations and allow different drive-away times.

Featured Teroson Cartridge Equipment

Item # Title Price
1271651 Cartridge Pre-Heater for (2) 300 ml Cartridges @ 65 Deg.C (149 Deg.F) $561.54
142245 Teroson Primer Applicators - Wool Duabers (25 pk) $31.91
149361 Teroson Gold Cutting Wire for Glass Removal; 22.5 meters $12.44
395397 Teroson Cartridge Opener $44.77
960304 Teroson PowerLine II Air Cartridge Gun $621.99