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The LOCTITE® EQ RB40 Robots are designed specifically for precision dispensing of adhesive and sealants onto complex surface configurations. They allow manufactures to repeatedly and reliably dispense patterns of liquid material on a programmed basis, resulting in improved process efficiencies, minimal material waste, and reduced manufacturing costs. Now with improved memory and performance for all your most complex programming needs, these robots excel at delivering the performance required to optimize your dispensing application.

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EQ VA20 Volumetric Dispense Valve (IDH 2084141)

The new LOCTITE® EQ VA20 Volumetric Valve is a positive displacement metering valve that dispenses a precise drop of adhesive with each cycle. Positive displacement minimizes dose size variation due to adhesive viscosity variations, variations due to both temperature changes and adhesive manufacturing variability. This unique design combines the features of a typical valve/volumetric pump system into a single valve, thereby reducing system complexity.

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