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Digital Single Function Dispense Controller

Legacy #: 97101 | Material/IDH #: 961819

Digital Single Function Dispense Controller

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Product Description

The Loctite Digital Single Function Dispense Controller is used in conjunction with a Loctite dispense valve and product reservoir (both sold separately) to make up a pressure/time dispensing system.  This Controller has a digital timer to control the pneumatic opening and closing of a dispense valve according to the set dispense time.  It also sends unregulated air pressure to a product reservoir.

The start signal for the dispense cycle can be actuated by a footswitch (included) or a proximity switch (supplied by customer).  When a reservoir low-level condition is detected, a visual indication will appear.  This low level condition can also be communicated to a remote device such as a customer-supplied PLC. 

Choose from Loctite Bond-A-Matic reservoirs as follows.  Low pressure (0-15 psi) with D.C. low level sensor -item # 982720 or High pressure (0-100 psi) - item # 982723.

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt - Category 9

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