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EQ VA20 Volumetric Valve

Legacy #: 2084141 | Material/IDH #: 2084141

EQ VA20 Volumetric Valve

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Product Description

The Loctite® EQ VA20 Volumetric Valve is a positive displacement metering valve that dispenses a precise drop of adhesive with each cycle.  Positive displacement minimizes dose size variation due to adhesive viscosity variations, variations due to both temperature changes and adhesive manufacturing variability.


Volumetric Displacement Dosing Range - 1.5 to 12 microliters

Cycle Rate of 180 cycles per minute

Long-Life Seal Design

  •      Estimated life > 1 million cycles
  •      Energized seal does not require routine adjustment
  •      Low cost of ownership

Easy Setup

  •      Specifically designed for simple, no-mess priming
  •      Does not lose prime during operation

Compact Size

  • 0.75" x 6.0" long
  • Stackable at 0.75" centers

Fluid Body Material is 316 Stainless Steel

Application Information:

  • Compatible Adhesives:  Light Cure Acrylics
  • Target Applications: Needle bonding; precision dot dispensing
  • Dispense Patterns: high speed dots / drops
  • Easily fed from and Loctite® reservoir
  • System integration: high speed automated production; robotic or stationary work cells
  • Click here for video.


RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant

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