Henkel North America

LOCTITE® Equipment

One of the most significant factors in any successful adhesion application is applying the adhesive efficiently and effectively. Since 1971, Henkel has designed, built and integrated high quality monitoring and dispensing equipment solutions. The company's experience and partnerships between customer, application engineering, and equipment engineering guarantees the highest level of expertise, backed by technical service and support unmatched in the industry.

Controllers, Valves, Reservoirs

Effective pneumatic controlled adhesive dispensing equipment systems

Light Curing Equipment

Innovative UV and visible LED's, wands, flood units, chambers, conveyors, and meters

Motion Control Systems

Benchtop and Scara robots and automated xyz adhesive dispensing systems

Volumetric Dispensing Systems

PosiLink syringe & dual cartridge, and bottle pump dispensers

Process Monitoring

Real time adhesive dispensing instrumentation, drop & bead monitoring controls

Dispense Components

Wide selection of needles, mix nozzles, syringes & other consumables

Single Component Adhesive Dispensing

Pneumatic and manual syringe, cartridge and bottled adhesive dispensers

Two Component Adhesive Dispensing

Apply 2 part adhesives with manual, pneumatic or meter mix systems

ID Bore Coat Applicators

Apply theadlocker and retaining compounds to bearing and other ID surfaces

Hysol Hot Melt Dispensers

Bulk and stick Hysol hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment