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CL25 LED Wand Style Spot Cure Systems

Loctite® Equipment

The Loctite® EQ CL25 Controllers are UV-LED spot light sources that emit UV light at 365 or 405 nm. This Quad Controller accepts LED heads (lightguides) that are sold separately. The Quad Controller can be operated in a continuous light output mode or programmed output mode where the light output intensity and time can be programmed.

Featured CL25 LED Wand Style Spot Cure Systems

Item # Title Price
1305332 EQ CL25 10 mm Lens $199.00
1305333 EQ CL25 6 mm Lens $206.96
1305335 EQ CL25 3 mm Lens $206.96
1305339 EQ CL25 Connection Cable 1.7 meter length $154.96
1786127 EQ CL25 LED Controller $2,906.80
1984957 EQ CL25 LED Head 365 nm $1,242.80
1984961 EQ CL25 Connection Cable. 3 meter length $258.96
2104788 EQ CL25 LED Head 405 nm $1,346.80