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D-Series - Programming and Integration Accessories

Loctite® Equipment

Programming is a snap with our user-friendly Teach Pendant specially designed for use with our Loctite® D-Series Robots. Additonal tools are also available to easily integrate all of our dispensing or light cure systems.

Featured D-Series - Programming and Integration Accessories

Item # Title Price
1053227 Adapter Cable; 9-pin female D-shell to 3.5 mm Plug $39.37
1329222 Interface Cable for all D-Series Dispensing Robots $63.24
1569523 Robot Needle Calibration Kit $774.56
988000 Solenoid Valve Module 24 VDC for D-Series and GP Dispensing Robots $359.41
2182205 EQ ACCE I/O Junction Box for 24 VDC RB15, RB20, & RB40 Robots $649.00
1912406 RB30 Robot Camera $1,995.00
2148218 EQ ACCE D-Series Robot Software Kit $495.00
2268727 EQ RB40 Teach Pendant for D-Series Dispensing Robots $695.00