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GP-Programming and Integration Accessories

Loctite® Equipment

Loctite® Robots can be easily integrated with all of our dispensing or light cure systems utilizing our custom made connection devices. Programming is also a snap with our user friendly teach pendants for both SCARA and Benchtop models. (We have introduced newer models over the years, which use different accessories. You can keep these separate by selecting "current" or "obsolete" in the TYPE box below.)

Featured GP-Programming and Integration Accessories

Item # Title Price
1015106 Teach Pendant for SCARA Robots $2,018.40
1138016 Shorting Connector for Operations Box SCARA -N series Robots $88.54
1138017 Cable to connect Operations Box to SCARA series Robot $442.95
1138018 Shorting Connector for Teach Pendant - SCARA -N series Robots $37.41
98395 Benchtop and SCARA Robot Interface Cable for Syringe Dispensers, Spray Controller, Integrated Semi-Auto Controllers, Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser and Wand Systems. $121.69
98549 Interface Junction Box for Benchtop and SCARA, and SCARA -N Robots;Allows for multiple external system integrations simultaneously. $1,073.80
98636 Interface Cable for obsolete SCARA; 25-pin female to 3-pin male or 9-pin D male connectors $124.69
987454 Teach Point Software for Benchtop Series Robots $758.59
987512 Operation Box for SCARA Robots (Required) $1,458.13
989656 Teach Point Software for Benchtop -A Series Robots $777.33
989657 Teach Pendant for Benchtop Series A Robots $1,626.40