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Integrated Dispense Reservoirs

Loctite® Equipment

These Loctite® Dual Channel Integrated Dispensers combine both a controller and reservoir into a single, integrated unit. This decreases the foot print, cost and complexity when compared to systems with a separate reservoir and controller. Choose from a 0-15 or 0-100 psi pressure regulator which are well suited for all single component Loctite® adhesives up to 80,000 cPs. These Loctite® controllers provide digital timing control for up to two Loctite® automatic dispense valves; two pneumatic hand-held valves; or for an advancing slide and one valve. It can operate in a manual or timed dispense mode. Both models (low pressure or high pressure) are equipped with a low level sensor, which will notify the operator with a flashing visual signal when the adhesive level is low.

Featured Integrated Dispense Reservoirs

Item # Title Price
1390321 Dual Channel Integrated Dispenser, 0-100 psi $2,063.21
1390322 Dual Channel Integrated Dispenser, 0-15 psi $2,063.21