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LED Flood Array Systems

Loctite® Equipment

The Loctite® LED Flood Array Systems are modular systems consisting of LED flood array light sources, single or quad controller, connection cable, and footswitch. The high output LED arrays are designed for Loctite UV/Visible cure adhesives. The expected life is over 20,000 hours with proper handling. Unlike traditional arc lamps, 100% of LED light output is within the usable cure spectrum of Loctite adhesives. Each LED Array consists of individually reflectorized LEDs for creating a uniform curing area. The LED Flood Array needs to be selected according to the curing requirements of the adhesive.

Featured LED Flood Array Systems

Item # Title Price
1333333 LED Flood Cable from Array to Controller $91.89
1359255 LED Flood System Single Controller $2,451.74
2139182 EQ CL30 LED Flood 365 $4,795.00
2139181 EQ CL30 LED Flood 380 $4,366.29
2139180 EQ CL30 LED Flood 405 $3,539.11
2257357 EQ CL30 LED Flood System Quad Controller $3,995.00