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Multi Function Controller - 3 Function, Universal

Loctite® Equipment

The Loctite® Digital Multi Function Controller is a versatile, programmable controller designed to provide on/off digital timing and interface logic for up to three independent functions, pneumatic or electric. It has an easy-to-use keypad with LCD display screen for entering commands. Programs are menu driven; no special programming knowledge or logic language required. Allows for storage of up to ten (10) programs with easy conversion from one sequence to another. The on/off time of multiple devices can be set to 0.1-second increments. Time range is adjustable from 0.1 to 99.9 seconds. Interface input connections for reservoir low level sensors, part present sensors, dispense confirmation sensors, and slide position switches. Virtually eliminates the need for a PLC since all commands and functions can be controlled and entered via the keypad.

Featured Multi Function Controller - 3 Function, Universal

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1022006 Digital Multi-Function Controller $3,822.37