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Valve Mounting Brackets

Loctite® Equipment

Loctite® valve mounting bracket kits available for many of the Dispense valves. Loctite® adhesive dispensing equipment provides the highest level of dispensing performance and long term reliability for adhesive systems on the market today.

Featured Valve Mounting Brackets

Item # Title Price
1070269 Mounting Bracket for High Pressure Dispense Valve 1049138 $379.57
1176444 Pistol Grip Handle Trigger for Dispense Valves $58.17
1638885 Mounting Kit for EQ VA10 Dispense Valve for Stationary Mounting $77.82
1742541 Mounting Kit for EQ VA10 & VA20 Dispense Valve for Motion Control System $196.44
97242 Mounting Bracket for 97113 or 97114 Stationary Dispense Valve $210.78
985281 Bracket Mounting Kit for 98009, 98013, 1730181, 98520, or 98084 valves $68.59