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300 ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Retainer

Price: $316.52

Product Description

<p>The 300 ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Retainer provides the controlled, pressure/time dispensing of adhesives in 300 ml cartridges when used in conjunction with:</p> <ul><li>LOCTITE® Precision Syringe Dispenser (<a href="../product/Precision-Syringe-Dispenser/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">97006</span></a>)</li> <li>LOCTITE® Digital Syringe Dispenser (<a href="../product/Digital-Syringe-Dispenser/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">883976</span></a><span style="color:#0000ff;">)</span></li> <li>LOCTITE® Foot Pedal Dispenser with Vacuum (<a href="../product/Foot-Pedal-Dispenser-with-Vacuum/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">98050</span></a>).</li> <li>LOCTITE® SD10 Digital Syringe Dispenser <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/product/SD10-Digital-Syringe-Dispenser/">(<span style="color:#0000ff;">1514629</span></a>).</li> </ul><p> </p> <p>Pressures up to 60 psi can be obtained to effectively dispense low to medium viscosity products and thixotropic gels. <span style="color:#0000ff;">This is a newly improved version of item # 98319 that now has a metal retaining sleeve rather than a plastic retaining sleeve</span>.</p>