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50 ml Bottle Hand Pump

Price: $137.02

Product Description

<p><span>The LOCTITE® 50 ml Bottle Peristaltic Hand Pump is a portable, precision, bottle top applicator that threads firmly onto any 50 ml. anaerobic bottle. It is designed to dispense at any angle without leaks or product waste.<span> It includes a new ergonomically balanced and resilient bottle stand that greatly reduces the tendency of bottle tipping. </span></span></p> <ul type="disc"><li><span>Dispenses single shots of LOCTITE anaerobic threadlockers and retaining compounds from 0.01 to 0.04 ml with viscosities up to 30,000 cPs</span></li> <li><span><span>Require no flushing, power or air source. <br /></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>NOTE:  Not suitable for cyanoacrylate adhesives, primers, or activators.</span></span></span></li> <li><span><span><span>Click here for an assortment of <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/catDisplay.cfm?productLine=Disposable%20Dispense%20Components&amp;pl=26&amp;categoryID=263&amp;category=Dispensing%20needles%20for%20adhesives"><span style="color:#0000ff;">dispense needles</span></a>.</span></span></span></li> </ul>