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LOCTITE® Light Cure Acrylic Tubing Adhesive Applicator

Price: $3,752.65

Product Description

The LOCTITE® Light Cure Acrylic Dispensing System is a dispensing system that rapidly and consistently applies a uniform coating of light cure acrylic adhesives to the outer diameter of tubing. Simply insert the end of the tubing into the opening on the dispenser and a film of adhesive is applied to the tubing. The adhesive application rate can be adjusted to optimize the amount of adhesive applied to the assembly and the dispenser can accommodate adhesives with viscosities as high as 1500 cP. The dispenser can accommodate circular parts from 2.0 to 6.0 mm in diameter, with a maximum dispensing length of 8 mm. Applicator bushings must also be selected and are sold separately as listed here:

2 mm Bushing 989038

3 mm Bushing 989039

4 mm Bushing 989040

5 mm Bushing 989041

6 mm Bushing 989042

Custom sized bushings are also available; contact equipment.services@henkel.com for details.

Chemistry Compatibility:  This unit is designed to apply only Light Cure Acrylic Adhesives. It should not be used with Cyanoacrylates or Light Cure Cyanoacrylates.