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Teach Point Software for Benchtop -A Series Robots

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Product Description

<p><span>This Teach Point Software allows programming of Benchtop Robots with a personal computer rather than the Teach Pendant.  It allows <span>you to back up the programs on a robot and also transfer programs from one identical robot to another.</span></span></p> <p><span>The "LR C-Points" is an enhanced version of the existing PC software, LR C-Points Limited Edition. This software will help you to operate the SCARA robot and the Cartesian series robots. Its features are affordable price, cost efficiency, diverse applications, high speed, rigidity and precision. Furthermore, it can accommodate a wide variety of requirements. </span></p> <p>By using the "LR C-Points", you can save, read, add, insert, delete, or edit C&amp;T data, and can also perform JOG teaching operations via PC. You can also register programs via PC, without connecting the teaching pendant.</p> <p>This software is compatible with all the xxxxx-A series General Purpose Benchtop Robots but will not work with the pre A-Series General Purpose series Robots or the "D" Series Robots. For all other robots, use software 987454.</p> <p><strong>FAQ:</strong> </p> <p>1.  Can the coordinates from an excel file be imported or at least copied and then pasted in? </p> <p>Answer: Yes. copying / pasting into MS Excel can be done to manipulate coordinates and then copy / paste back into the JR-C Points. Simply highlight the columns in LR-C Points, then copy.  Move to an Excel worksheet and paste.  The reverse will allow you to return the cell data to LR-C Points. </p> <p>2.  Will this software work with 3D models that could be used to program the Robot? </p> <p>Answer: No. it is designed to work with 2-D CAD files in DXF and DWG formats using the DXF convertor tool.</p>