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EQ HM20 PUR Controller

Price: $1,141.77

Product Description

<p>This LOCTITE® EQ HM20 PUR Controller is designed to control the LOCTITE® HM20 PUR Dispense Head-30ml Syringe (IDH <a href="../product/EQ-HM20-PUR-Dispense-HeadEQ-MH20-PUR-Dispense-Head/">2016756</a>) or LOCTITE® HM20 PUR-30ml Syringe Preheater (IDH <a href="../product/EQ-HM20-PUR-Syringe-Preheater/">2033861</a>). The system can operate up to two devices. The system is designed for use with LOCTITE® brand PUR hot melt adhesive products at manual or semi-automation workstations, such as in workshops, laboratories, industrial installations and production lines. It is a self-contained dispense system, which can also be can integrated with a LOCTITE® Benchtop Robot.</p>