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EQ HM20 PUR Syringe Preheater

Price: $449.73

Product Description

<p>This LOCTITE® EQ HM20 PUR Syringe Preheater is designed for use with the LOCTITE® HM20 PUR Controller (IDH <a href="../product/EQ-HM20-PUR-Controller/">2033850</a>). The system is designed for use in pre-heating LOCTITE® brand PUR hot melt adhesive products. When the unit is switched on, electrical power is supplied to the temperature controller and timer. The system will reach the pre-set temperature (time varies with different pre-set temperatures typically within 10-15 minutes). The dispensing parameters (temperature, pressure and dispensing time) must be determined before use. The dispensing parameters depend on the properties of the adhesive product.  The timed exposure cycle starts by momentarily depressing the foot switch or when an externally operated device such as LOCTITE® Benchtop Robot or PLC makes a relay closure.</p>