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EQ HM20 PUR Needle Preheater

Price: $425.26

Product Description

<p><span style="color:#005500;font-family:Calibri, 'Segoe UI', Calibri, Thonburi, Arial, Verdana, 'Sans-Serif', 'Mongolian Baiti', 'Microsoft Yi Baiti', 'Javanese Text';font-size:medium;background-color:#ffffff;">This LOCTITE® HM20 PUR Needle Preheater is designed for use with the LOCTITE® SD15 Heat Controller (IDH <a href="../product/SD15-Heat-Controller-for-30-ml-PUR-Dispense-System/">1667508</a>) and HM20 PUR Controller (IDH <a href="../product/EQ-HM20-PUR-Controller/">2033850</a>). The system is designed for use at manual or semi-automation workstations, such as in workshops, laboratories, industrial installations and production lines.</span></p>