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<p class="p1">The LOCTITE® EQ CL32 LED Spot 365nm is a cost effective, high powered, portable LED light source that offers a high level of flexibility for all your UV or visible light curing needs. The lightweight, compact design helps minimize operator fatigue, while its small size and long focus length make it perfect for applications in crowded areas and hard to reach bond areas. Usable as handheld or stationary mount, this system is perfect for prototyping, scale up, or full production environments. </p> <p class="p2">Product Features </p> <ul><li>High intensity – up to 3 W/cm2 (@ 8-12mm) </li> <li>Lightweight, compact design </li> <li>Robust, ergonomic housing </li> <li>365nm and 405nm LED heads </li> <li>Battery or line powered (3 hr battery life) </li> <li>Handheld or stationary mount </li> <li>Up to 100% duty cycle (with line power) </li> <li>Integrated timer </li> </ul><p class="p2">Benefits of LED Technology </p> <ul><li>Up to 20,000 hr. LED life </li> <li>Instant on (no warm-up time) </li> <li>Low energy/power consumption </li> <li>No IR emissions (reducing thermal damage and warp) </li> <li>Highly focused light wavelength </li> </ul>