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LOCTITE® EQ CL32 Mounting Kit

Price: $201.89

Product Description

<p class="p1">The LOCTITE® EQ CL32 Mounting Kit is used with the LED Spot <a href="../product/Loctite-EQ-CL32-LED-SPOT-365nm/">365 </a>or <a href="../product/Loctite-EQ-CL32-LED-SPOT-405nm">405</a> nm portable LED light source.  It consists of:</p> <ul><li> <div class="p1">Mounting bracket with optimized heat conductivity.</div> </li> <li>Signal connecting cable with 4-pin round plug.</li> <li>High power supply for continuous operation.</li> </ul><p align="left">Perfect for applications in crowded areas and hard to reach bond areas. This stationary mount kit is perfect for prototyping, scale up, or full production environments. </p>