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EQ CL34 LED Line Array 405 nm

Price: $3,369.40

Product Description

<p>The LED Line Array is equipped with 10 high power LEDs and a lens for creating a high intensity curing line over the whole length of the array. The Line Array produces a cross-sectional cure area of 5 mm x 80 mm (0.2 inches by 3.15 inches). </p> <ul><li>Optimum curing distance: 5 - 20 mm.</li> <li>Intensity:  400 mW / sq. cm at 20 mm distance.</li> <li>100 % duty cycle.</li> <li>Optimized for the specific wavelength of 405 nm.</li> <li>No heat-up or cool down time required.</li> <li>Up to 4 LED heads can be connected to one controller and operated via a foot switch or PLC connection.</li> <li>The LED Line Array System requires three (3) individual components and each must be purchased separately:</li> </ul><ul><li>LED Line Array 365 nm Light Source, item # <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/product/EQ-CL34-LED-Line-Array-365-nm/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">2210212</span></a> OR LED Line Array 405 nm Light Source, item #<a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/product/EQ-CL34-LED-Line-Array-405-nm/"> <span style="color:#0000ff;">2209919</span></a></li> <li>LED Line Array Controller, item # <a href="../product/LED-Line-Array-Controller-/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">1447728</span></a></li> <li>Connection Cable, item # <a href="../product/LED-Line-Array-Cable/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">1483245</span></a>.</li> </ul><ul><li>Controller is operated by the start button on the front panel, but an optional foot switch, item # 97201 can be used.</li> </ul>