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CL40 LED Spot Curing Extension Cable

Price: $95.00

Product Description

<p> The CL40 LED Spot Curing Extension Cable, 5 m, is an optional accessory for the LOCTITE CL40 LED Spot Curing System.</p> <p style="margin:0in 0in 10.2pt;line-height:19.2pt;"> </p> <p style="margin:0in 0in 10.2pt;line-height:19.2pt;">The CL40 Spot Curing System consists of the following items, each sold separately:</p> <ul><li>Quad Controller - Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Controller">2804936</a></li> <li>LED Head, 365 nm wavelength - Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Light-Source-365-nm">2804938</a></li> <li>LED Head, 405 nm wavelength - Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Light-Source-405-nm">2804937</a></li> <li>Optional Lenses for 365 nm - 3 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-3-mm-for-365-nm">2804939</a>; 6 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-6-mm-for-365-nm">2804940</a>; 10 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-10-mm-for-365-nm">2804951</a></li> <li>Optional Lenses for 405 nm - 3 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-3-mm-for-405-nm">2804952</a>; 6 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-6-mm-for-405-nm">2804953</a>; 10 mm, Item # <a href="../product/CL40-LED-Spot-Curing-Lens-10-mm-for-405-nm">2804954</a></li> </ul><p> </p>