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Radiometer / Dosimeter Adapter for CL10, CL25 or CL40

Price: $82.12

Product Description

<p>Adapter for Radiometer / Dosimeter 1390323 or 1265282. For use with EQ CL10, CL25 or CL40 LED Spot Cure System.</p> <p>Radiometers / Dosimeters #1390323 or 2436353 are used to measure intensity of LED Heads with a 365 nm wavelength.</p> <p>Radiometers / Dosimeters #1265282 or 2436352 are used to measure intensity of LED Heads with a 405 nm wavelength.</p> <p>This adapter allows for proper positioning of the curing source - both height offset and centering onto the Radiometer / Dosimeter so it is in the same position on the meter for every test measurement.</p>