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SD10 Digital Syringe Dispenser

Price: $877.69

Product Description

<p>The LOCTITE® Digital Syringe Dispenser is a semi-automatic dispensing system designed to dispense LOCTITE® adhesives and fluids packaged in 3, 5, 10, 30, 55 ml syringes and 300 ml cartridges.  The unit has digital timing control for increased precision over typical pressure-time systems.  An adjustable pressure regulator controls a pulse of air, and when used in conjunctions with an air line adapter attached to an adhesive syringe barrel, will provide a controlled dispensed amount of adhesive.  The system can be operated in the manual, timed (automatic), or cycle (incremental) modes to dispense dots, beads or to fill syringes.</p> <h3><span style="font-size:small;">PRODUCT FEATURES</span></h3> <ul><li>Vacuum suck-back can effectively control product dripping or stringing.</li> <li>Manual, Incremental, or Timed modes allows a choice of adhesive dispensing methods.</li> <li>Holds up to 40 programs. </li> <li>Includes Foot Switch # 97201. </li> <li>Optional Finger Switch <a href="../product/Syringe-Finger-Switch-Assembly/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">988896</span></a> is available.</li> <li>Easy integration to a Robot using Interface Cable # <a href="../product/Benchtop-and-SCARA-Robot-Interface-Cable-for-Syringe-Dispensers-Spray-Controller-Integrated-Semi-Auto-Controllers-Benchtop-Peristaltic-Dispenser-and-Wand-Systems/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">98395</span></a>. </li> <li><span>This item can also be used in conjunction with a Cartridge Retainer <a href="../product/300-ml-Pneumatic-Cartridge-Dispensing-Retainer/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">98319A</span></a> to operate a LOCTITE® manual dispense valve 97111 for low to medium viscosity products.</span> <span> </span></li> </ul><h3><span style="font-size:medium;">Technical Data</span></h3> <ul><li>Size: 10.4 inches Wide x 8.3 inches Deep x 2.8 inches High</li> <li>Weight: 6.6 lbs.</li> <li>Input Voltage:  24 VDC via Universal Power Cord / Adapter (supplied).</li> <li>Air Input:  29 psi (min); 174 psi (max).</li> <li>Air Output:  100 psi</li> <li>Cycle Modes:  Manual, Incremental, or Timed</li> <li>Operating Temperature:  50 to 104 Degrees F.</li> </ul>