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EQ CL10 LED 6 mm Spot Dia. 405 nm, 2.7 Meter Cable

Price: $1,025.12

Product Description

<p>EQ CL10 LED 6 mm Spot diameter Head with 2.7 Meter length cable.  Used with EQ CL10 Quad LED Controller (item # 1514634) or EQ CL10 Single LED Controller (item # 1514636).</p> <ul><li>6 mm spot diameter</li> <li>Recommended working distance:  12 - 14 mm</li> <li>Intensity (mw/sq. cm):  9,500</li> <li>Wavelength:  405 nm.</li> <li>Material:  aluminum, copper, optical glass</li> <li>Life cycle:  20,000 hours</li> <li><span><span><span><span><span><span><span><span><span><span><span>Need to measure the irradiance of your curing process? Click here for our Radiometer / Dosimeters # <a href="../product/Radiometer-Dosimeter-for-Visible-LED-and-UVV-Light-Sources/"><span style="color:#0000ff;">1265282</span></a>. Great for quality control and process validation.</span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></span></li> </ul>