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Fluid Kit for Compact Single Rotor Pumps IDH 1196160 and 1741601

Price: $169.72

Product Description

<p>Fluid Kit for Compact Single Rotor Pumps IDH <a href="../product/Compact-Rotor-Pump-Dispenser-4.0/"><span style="color:#0000FF;">1196160</span></a> and <a href="../product/Compact-Micro-Rotor-Pump-Dispenser-1.0/"><span style="color:#0000FF;">1741601</span></a></p> <p>Contains:</p> <ul><li>PTFE Lined Tubing, 1/4 OD x 6 feet long</li> <li>Male Connector Fitting; 1/4 tube x 1/8 NPT</li> <li>Adapter Fitting; 1/8-27 Female NPT x 1/8-28 BSPP</li> </ul>