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EQ HM22 Manual Dispenser

Price: $483.04

Product Description

<p><span>The LOCTITE® EQ HM22 Manual Dispenser is a handheld, electric, hot melt adhesive dispenser.  The product is ergonomically designed to heat, melt, and dispense all 1.69 inch (43 mm) diameter LOCTITE® structural hot melt products.  This dispenser is designed for high volume, high production industrial environments.  The system includes a plug in thermostats of 320°F (160°C); 383°F (195°C); and 420°F (215°C).  The dispense quantity and timing are manually controlled with the trigger mechanism. A dispenser stand is also included as part of the system. For complete technical specifications, click the datasheet button below. Replaces 98035 Hot Melt Applicator.</span></p>