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EQ CL25 LED Head 405 nm

Price: $1,576.37

Product Description

<p>Required item for use with the <span style="font-family:Helvetica;font-size:12px;">LOCTITE®</span> EQ CL25 <a href="../product/EQ-CL25-LED-Controller/">Controller</a>.</p> <p>The EQ CL25 System consists of the following items each sold separately:</p> <ul><li>Controller - IDH #<a href="../product/EQ-CL25-LED-Controller/">1786127</a></li> <li>LED Head at 405 nm shown here has a typical output of 12 watts/cm sq.</li> <li>Lens - choose from 6 mm IDH # <a href="../product/EQ-CL25-6-mm-Lens/">1305333</a> or 10 mm IDH # 1305332</li> <li>Connector cable - choose from 1.7 meter length IDH # <a href="../product/EQ-CL25-Connection-Cable-1.7-meter-length/">1305339</a> or 3 meter length IDH # <a href="../product/EQ-CL25-Connection-Cable.-3-meter-length/">1984961</a></li> <li>Foot Switch - IDH # 88653</li> </ul>