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Digital Syringe Dispenser

Price: $541.13

Product Description

<p>The LOCTITE® <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/documentation/883976%20Digital%20Syringe%20Dispenser%20PDS.pdf"><span style="color:#0000ff;">Digital Syringe Dispenser 883976</span> </a>is a semi-automatic dispensing system designed to dispense LOCTITE adhesives and fluids packaged in 3, 5, 10, 30, 55 syringes and 300 ml cartridges.  The unit has digital timing control with decimal settings to 0.001 seconds for increased precision over typical pressure-time systems.  An adjustable pressure regulator controls a pulse of air, and when used in conjunctions with an air line adapter attached to an adhesive syringe barrel, will provide a controlled dispensed amount of adhesive.  The system can be operated in the manual, incremental, or timed (automatic) dispense mode to dispense dots, beads or to fill syringes.</p> <p><strong>NOTE</strong>:  <strong>When connection this syringe dispenser to a Loctite Robot or Rotary Table, cable IDH 1053227 is required.</strong></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size:small;">PRODUCT FEATURES</span></strong></p> <ul><li>Vacuum suck-back can effectively control product dripping or stringing.</li> <li>Manual, Incremental, or Timed modes allows a choice of adhesive dispensing methods.</li> <li>Convenient teach mode to set time required for desired dispense amount or volume.</li> <li>Cycle counter is clearly dispensed on the LCD screen.</li> <li>The unit can be integrated into customer's PLC programming to initiate a dispense cycle.</li> <li>Includes Foot Switch # 902521.</li> <li>Optional Finger Switch <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/productDetail.cfm?productID=988896&amp;productLine=Disposable%20Dispense%20Components&amp;pl=1&amp;categoryID=260&amp;category=Disposable%20syringe&amp;subcategoryID=541&amp;subcategory=Syringe%20Finger%20Switch"><span style="color:#0000ff;">988896</span></a> is available.</li> <li>Units can be stacked securely to save workspace.</li> <li>Easy integration to a Robot using Interface Cable # <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/productDetail.cfm?productID=98395&amp;productLine=Motion%20Control%20Systems&amp;pl=1&amp;categoryID=347&amp;category=Robot%20Accessories&amp;subcategoryID=376&amp;subcategory=GP-Programming%20and%20Integration%20Accessories&amp;searchType=itemNum&amp;CFID=3368193&amp;CFTOKEN=207ee7aa504c7dfa-49DAC193-F1AD-4A98-FF894A5A5B6C53EC"><span style="color:#0000ff;">98395</span></a>. </li> <li><span>This item can also be used in conjunction with a Cartridge Retainer <a href="http://equipment.loctite.com/productDetail.cfm?productID=98319A&amp;productLine=Single%20Component%20Dispensing&amp;pl=1&amp;categoryID=269&amp;category=Cartridge%20Dispensers&amp;subcategoryID=446&amp;subcategory=Pneumatic%20Cartridge%20Dispensers&amp;searchType=itemNum&amp;CFID=30373353&amp;CFTOKEN=81856592"><span style="color:#0000ff;">98319A</span></a> to operate a Loctite manual dispense valve 97111 for low to medium viscosity products.</span> <span> </span></li> </ul><h3><span style="font-size:medium;">Technical Data</span></h3> <ul><li>Size: 6 inches Wide x 6.5 inches Deep x 7 inches High</li> <li>Weight: 2.6 lbs.</li> <li>Input Voltage:  24 VDC via Universal Power Cord / Adapter (supplied).</li> <li>Air Input:  100 psi max.</li> <li>Air Output:  100 psi</li> <li>Timer range:  0.020 to 60.00 seconds</li> <li>Cycle Modes:  Manual, Incremental, or Timed</li> <li>Timing Repeat Tolerance:  +/- 0.001 %</li> <li>Operating Temperature:  32 to 122 Degrees</li> </ul>