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Equipment Trade-Ins

To participate in the Trade-In program, you can request information from your local sales rep, via E-mail service@henkel.com, or call Loctite at 860-571-5174.


Loctite’s equipment Trade-In program allows for our customers to upgrade their dispensing line with the newest Loctite technology in an affordable and painless process. Discounted Loctite equipment will be sold to you upon receipt of your old dispensing equipment. We will send you the new equipment up-front, so that you have time to integrate it into your dispensing line before sending your old equipment to us.


For old Loctite equipment -> new Loctite equivalent – 15% Discount off MSRP
For old 3rd party equipment -> new Loctite equivalent – 20% Discount off MSRP


How to participate

Reach out to your Loctite sales rep or distributor for feasibility and pricing, contact the Loctite Equipment Services department directly via service@henkel.com, or call us at 860-571-5174.

To participate in the Trade-In program:

  • You are an established Loctite customer and will use a purchase order or credit card.
  • You will have an authorized Loctite distributor send Loctite a purchase order.

The purchase order must be received prior to shipping the new Loctite equipment.

The customer must agree to and sign the Trade-In agreement prior to shipping the new Loctite equipment.

Trade-In Agreement

In order for us to ship you equipment up-front and as not to limit your production, we will need the Trade-In agreement signed up front and submitted with your payment.

You will agree to ship your old equipment to us within 30 days of receiving your new Loctite equipment in order to receive Trade-In discount.

You will be billed full price for the equipment initially, but then refunded the discount once we have received your old equipment.


All equipment will be shipped by standard ground transportation such as UPS. All other shipping requests such as AIR or any other special carrier will be sent either collect or charged to an account given by the customer.

Customer is responsible for making sure that the old equipment being traded arrives at Loctite within the 30 day period stated in Trade-In agreement.


The customer is responsible for reading all manuals prior to installation and training the operators on the equipment.

The customer is responsible for providing all necessary items such as ventilation, utilities, etc.


All new Loctite equipment comes with a 12 month warranty detailed in product manual.


Customer is responsible for providing standard maintenance on the equipment as outlined in the manual.

If the equipment is damaged outside the 12 month warranty period, it may be sent in to our service center for factory repair. (See Factory Repair under Services)


In order to make sure you receive the proper Trade-In offer, your sales rep, distributor, or the Equipment Services group will do an equivalence check to verify that the new Loctite equipment is similar to the old dispensing equipment to qualify for the program discounts.

For 3rd party equipment, this will be done on a case-by-case basis. Loctite has a wide variety of valves, pressure pots, controllers, robotics, syringe dispensing, hotmelt, and light cure equipment and a Loctite equivalent will be identified in most cases.

For old Loctite equipment, there are set new Loctite equivalent items for each piece of old equipment. Reach out to your sales rep or Equipment Services to verify new Loctite equivalent. For example:

7700 LED Light Source 7700 LED Light Source compare CL32 LED Spot CL32 LED Spot
Semi-Auto Dispense System Semi-Auto Dispense System compare Dual-Channel Integrated Dispenser Dual-Channel Integrated Dispenser
Zeta 7760 UV Wand System Zeta 7760 UV Wand System compare

CL15 UV Wand System CL15 UV Wand System


CL30 UV LED Flood CL30 UV LED Flood

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Please use this form to submit a technical inquiry on any equipment, spare part or service issue.
If you need help placing an order you can contact 1-800-LOCTITE for immediate assistance.
For invoice questions or concerns, please email: service@henkel.com.