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As a full service supplier of equipment, Henkel offers a wide variety of equipment services. Henkel's factory repair service allows our customer's the option to have their equipment rebuilt or repaired at Henkel by qualified technicians. In addition, we offer NIST traceable calibration services for our light meters. For detail on the various programs click on the links highlighted below in the table of contents.

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Rebuild Exchange Program

Henkel customers can exchange pumps and valves in need of repair for a previously re-conditioned unit. The benefits of the exchange program are:

  • Rebuilt equipment is less than half the cost of a new unit.
  • Rebuilt equipment has a 1-2 day lead-time.
  • Highly trained technicians use original factory parts are used for all rebuilds.
  • The equipment is specially treated with a Henkel patented technology to prolong its useful life with reactive adhesives.
  • Rebuilt equipment has a 30 day labor and 90 day parts warranty.

For equipment to be eligible for the rebuild program it must meet the following criteria:

  • Items must be received free from damage to the outer housings. Units are not eligible if they have gouges, dents, pry marks, or an excessive build up of cured adhesive that cannot be cleaned.
  • A unit must be able to be disassembled. If a unit is cured to the point it cannot be taken apart then it is not eligible for the rebuild program.

Any unit that does not qualify will be subject to a $95.00 evaluation fee. If a new unit is purchased, the fee will be waived.

Rebuild Exchange Program Eligible Items

(15) Part Number Description Price (USD)

Stationary Applicator Valve Upper and Lower Half


Stationary Applicator Valve Upper and Lower Half


Stationary Applicator Shut Off Valve - Lower Half Only


Stationary Applicator Shut Off Valve - Lower Half Only


Stationary Applicator Actuator Assembly - Upper Half Only


Stationary Applicator Actuator Assembly - Upper Half Only


Light Cure Valve


CA Valve


Valve Poppet SS


9000 Actuator Assembly Only


9000 Pump Assembly


Pump – A – Bead II Pump Assembly


9000 Pump and Actuator Assembly


Pump – A – Bead II Pump Valve


Pump – A – Bead II Pump Valve


Factory Repairs

If you have equipment in need of repair that is not in the rebuild exchange program, Henkel will prepare a quotation for repairing the equipment. Benefits of the Factory Repairs include:

  • Trained Technicians evaluate equipment based on original design specifications to identify critical and preventative repair recommendations.
  • Equipment is repaired using original factory parts.
  • All equipment is fully tested to original quality specifications.
  • All repairs carry a 30 day labor and 90 day parts warranty.
  • Rental equipment may be available on a short term basis to minimize down time.


Henkel offers calibration services for all of its light meters. Henkel calibrations are certified using instruments that are are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Each calibration is tested to NIST standards and a certificate of calibration is provided upon return. Below are the eligible meters that Henkel will calibrate.

Part Number Description Normal Lead Time: 15 Business Days (USD) Expedited Service: Ships in 5 business days (USD)
98086 ZETA 7011-A Dosimeter - Radiometer calibration service $263.00 $395.00
98089 ZETA 7011-V Dosimeter - Radiometer calibration service $263.00 $395.00
98048 ZETA 7021 Spot Radiometer calibration service $234.00 $395.00
1390323 Radiometer Dosimeter for UV LED and UVA & UVB $420.00 N/A
1265282 Radiometer Dosimeter for Visible LED and UVV Light Sources $420.00 N/A
1406024 Loctite 7020 UV Spot Radiometer $300.00 N/A

How to Partcipate in Henkel Service Programs

  • To participate in the any of the Services Henkel offers, one of the following must apply:
    1. You are an established direct Henkel customer to use a purchase order to Henkel.
    2. You have a major credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
    3. You will have an authorized Henkel distributor send Henkel a purchase order

Return of Equipment

  • A Return Authorization number (RA#) is required to send equipment in for repairs, rebuild, or calibrations. This number can be obtained by contacting the Equipment Services Department at 1-860-571-5174.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping equipment to Henkel, freight pre-paid, clean of all fluidss. If unspecified material cannot be removed before shipping unit to Henkel, Customer must submit an MSDS.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Customer fully insure equipment. Henkel does not assume responsibility for damage incurred during shipment to Henkel.

Service of Equipment

  • You must agree to the full terms and conditions as stated in our quotation prior to our repairing or sending a rebuild to you.
  • Your purchase order or credit card number must be received prior to performing any repair work.
  • If a purchase order is not received within 30 days after a quotation, the equipment will be returned as received.

Service Warranty

  • Labor - 30 Days
  • Parts - 90 Days


  • Henkel cannot assure repairs on obsolete equipment or prototypes.
  • Henkel reserves the right to refuse maintenance or repair on any equipment if the equipment is used contrary to its intended purpose.


  • All equipment will be shipped by standard ground transportation such as UPS. All other shipping requests such as AIR or any other special carrier will be sent either collect or charged to an account given by you.