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30 ml PUR Dispense Head

Legacy #: 1464918

Material/IDH#: 1464918

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


30 ml PUR Dispense Head

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Status: Obsolete product - This item has been replaced by 2016756

Product Description

This LOCTITE® 30 ml PUR Dispense Head is designed for use with the LOCTITE® 30 ml PUR Controller and Pre Heater. The system is used for dispensing LOCTITE® PUR hot melt adhesive products at manual or semi-automation workstations, such as in workshops, laboratories, industrial installations and production lines. It is a self-contained dispense system, that can also be integrated with LOCTITE® Benchtop Robots.


NOTE:  One of the following Dispense Needles must be selected and purchased separately:


18 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1483249

19 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1500889

20 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1483250

21 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1483262

23 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1483264

25 Gauge 1/2 inch long; IDH 1483265


Minimum flow rate is 1 mg/sec using a 25 gauge Dispense Needle while the maximum flow rate is 73 mg/sec using a 18 gauge Dispense Needle.  These values are for reference only; this is not a specification.  Flows were established dispensing LOCTITE® adhesive 3542.

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