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Advancing Slide, 100 mm stroke

Legacy #: 97119

Material/IDH#: 142637

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt - Category 9


Advancing Slide, 100 mm stroke

Shipping Duration: 5 Business Day(s)

Status: Please contact us for a quote.

Product Description

The LOCTITE® Advancing Slide will position a dispensing valve or a Rotorspray with vibration-free movement to a defined dispensing position and then return to its initial position. The simultaneous control of this unit requires the use of the LOCTITE Single Channel Automatic Controller 97123 or the Dual Channel Controller 97152

The forward movement of the advancing slide is initiated by the start signal. By means of the magnetic field of a permanent magnet that is located on both pistons of the pneumatic cylinder, the electrical proximity switches are actuated without contact at the end positions.

NOTE:  The incoming air signal to this unit is via an older style, co-axial type of tubing rather than individual 4 mm blue and yellow air lines.  The Advancing Slide that accepts the 4 mm tubing is item # 984691 but must be quoted from our Equipment Services Group at:  equipment-customerservice@loctite.com

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