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CL42 LED Flood Curing Chamber

Legacy #: 2804959

Material/IDH#: 2804959

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


CL42 LED Flood Curing Chamber

Price: $1,995.00

Shipping Duration: 5 Business Day(s)

Product Description

The CL42 LED Flood Chamber offers plug and play integration with the LOCTITE® CL42 LED Flood Curing System. The chamber features an adjustable parts table, ESD safety door with window, and can accommodate up to two CL42 LED flood heads. The compact design allows for storage of the flood controller underneath the unit to optimize footprint.


The CL42 LED Flood Curing System consists of the following items, each sold separately:

  • Controller - Item # 2804957
  • LED Head, 365 nm wavelength - Item # 2804955
  • LED Head, 405 nm wavelength - Item # 2804956
  • LED Head Connection Cable – Item # 2804958
  • Flood Chamber – Item # 2804959
  • Flood Chamber Connection Cable – Item # 2804960


Spare Parts / Accessories

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2804960CL42 LED Flood Curing Chamber Connection Cable$49.00

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