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CureJet® Single Controller

Legacy #: 1364033

Material/IDH#: 1364033

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


CureJet® Single Controller

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® Single CureJet Controller is used with CureJet  LED spot light sources. When the unit is switched on, the proper electrical power is supplied to the LED resulting in immediate full power. The digital timer (0.1 to 999.9 seconds) allows for setting the exposure time to the ultimate value required for proper curing.  This Controller can be actuated by a manual start button, a foot switch (part # 97201) included, or an external controller such as a customer-supplied PLC.

Product Features:

  • Monitors and adjusts power to each of the nine individual LEDs in the CureJet LED Light Source. In the event one of the individual LED fails, power will be directed to the functioning LEDs in an attempt to maintain full power output from the LED head
  • Controller also monitors overall system voltage fluctuations - any deviation from normal operating range will result in an error signal during the cycle.
  • Offers 2-way communication and relaying of pertinent information back to the PLC such as start, overheat condition, and cure light on.
  • This unit has an internal mechanism that shuts off if the preset internal temperature is reached in the Controller or CureJet Light Source. 
  • For use with CureJet 405 Light Source # 2183340 , or CureJet 380 Light Source # 2183339

Need to measure the irradiance of your curing process?  Click here for our Radiometer / Dosimeters.  Great for quality control and process validation.


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