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Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator 300ml x 300ml

Legacy #: 1093981

Material/IDH#: 1093981

RoHS Compliance Status: Exempt-Non Electrical


Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator 300ml x 300ml

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® brand Dual Cartridge manual Applicator is designed for use with epoxies and sealants packaged in dual 300ml x 300ml cartridges.  Easily converts to accept 300ml x 150ml dual cartridges by changing disk plates.  The mechanical advantage of a 26:1 thrust ratio allows for easy application of medium to high viscosity materials.  This professional quality, high thrust applicator is made especially for materials that may be difficult to extrude.  This industrial grade applicator has a heavy-duty welded frame that securely supports dual cartridges.  The one-piece sintered friction catch plate has extra durability and higher precision when compared to competitor's models that have a two-piece friction plate with plastic inserts.

 Great to use for dispensing Henkel Construction Adhesives.


•26:1 thrust ratio helps prevent hand fatigue.

•Extra durable, super smooth, heat treated piston rod.

•Easy thumb activated pressure release

•Comfort grip handle. 


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