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Dual Channel Digital Controller

Legacy #: 97152 | Material/IDH #: 1275665

Dual Channel Digital Controller

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Product Description

The Loctite® Dual-Channel Controller, item # 97152 is a versatile, multi-function controller for actuating 1 or 2 dispensing valves as well as appropriate peripheral equipment such as an advancing slide, rotorspray, an in-line flow monitor or reservoir.  Reservoir pressure is regulated by means of a precision regulator and measured by a digital transducer.



  • Graphic LCD display shows reservoir level and dynamic flow conditions.
  • Digital readout for reservoir pressure, program step number, status of dispense, and dispense time in seconds.
  • Four (4) independent dispense programs can be stored in memory.
  • Capable of controlling one or two dispense valves (single or dual acting).
  • Serial and parellel interface ports for connecting of a PLC.
  • Security PIN locking option for set-up parameters prevents unauthorized changes to programs.
  • Easy hook-up and programming for Advancing Slide or Rotospray unit.
  • Accepts up to 2 Pre-amplifiers for In-Line Flow Monitoring capabilities using an optional Splitter Cable 97529.
  • Automatic sequencing of Advancing Slides, Rotospray unit, and Dispense Valves.
  • Full integration capability into highly automated production systems.
  • Note:  Footswitch # 97201 must be purchased separately.




RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant

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