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E-CO Level MSTR 1 PT

Legacy #: 2251341

Material/IDH#: 2251341

RoHS Compliance Status: N/A


E-CO Level MSTR 1 PT

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Product Description

Henkel Corporation Level Control Assemblies are used to maintain liquid levels in chemical process operating tanks. Working on factory air supply, it offers a fail-safe method of solution level control within 1/4" inch. No ball floats, needle valves or hazardous electrodes are involved. The system is not affected by agitation in the tanks or by corrosive action of the contents. Only the chemically resistant air probe is in direct contact with the process solution. Each level controller can be supplied in multi-point configurations for customized applications.


Product Benefits: 

  • Provides foolproof, corrosion-proof, simple and safe liquid level control.

  • Eliminates operator errors that result in dangerous and costly low levels or overflow that often result in lost production time as well as chemical losses.

  • Assures an adequate and consistent concentration of operating chemicals when used as part of a Henkel Corporation Automatic Process Control System, aiding in uniform quality of coating and treatment. 

  • Saves in unnecessary use of water, and direct labor expense to perform the constant checking, and adjusting of solution levels.

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