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E-CO Lineguard 97 Controller

Legacy #: 2246819

Material/IDH#: 2246819

RoHS Compliance Status: N/A


E-CO Lineguard 97 Controller

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Product Description

The Lineguard® Meascon 97 is a multi-channel stand-alone process control unit, and is part of the Henkel Corporation distributed control system family.  Designed for the control and monitoring of cleaners, rinses and treatments, it has 3 individual sensing and control loops that may be configured for electrodeless conductivity, contact conductivity, pH and ORP.  This unit provides the highest quality, cost effective concentration control available to the finishing industry.  The chemical resistant plastic enclosure meets NEMA 12 requirements.  Installation is easy and maintenance requirements are minimal.  Concentration, temperature and set points are shown on front panel LCD.

The Lineguard® Meascon 97 process set points and alarm limits are easily adjusted via front panel membrane push buttons located under the LCD display and can be password protected.

While Lineguard® Meascon 97 is a stand-alone process control system, it can also be incorporated into a Henkel Corporation Distributed Process Control System. The Lineguard® Meascon 97 can provide data output, utilizing its RS232 serial communication output, to a data logging device.


Product Features:

  • 3 inputs – any combination of conductivity, pH or ORP (Redox).
  • 3 control relay outputs.
  •  4 alarm relay outputs (1 system alarm and 3 process alarms).
  • Corrosion resistant, NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • LCD Display with push button operation.
  • Password protection ability.


Product Benefits:

  • Automatic chemical additions to process tank.
  • Reduced chemical handling by personnel.
  • Easily adjustable alarm settings.
  • RS232 communication output.

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