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EQ CL15 UV Wand System

Legacy #: 1661548

Material/IDH#: 1661548

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


EQ CL15 UV Wand System

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Product Description

The LOCTITE® EQ CL15 UV Wand System is a high output, 100 watt, mercury arc spot curing system.  The system accepts universal AC input power (90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz.).  The system can be operated in either timed, manual, or cycle mode.  The LOCTITE® EQ CL15 UV Wand System is PLC compatible, allowing it to be easily integrated into automated production systems. Item # 98850


  • Powerful mercury arc lamp provides up to 15 watts/cm sq.
  • Manual, timed, or cycle shutter operation.
  • Complete cycle control - settable parameters include:
  •      UV exposure time (shutter open)
  •      Dwell time (shutter closed)
  •      Number of cycles (continuous cycling)
  • Can be operated from an external PLC.
  • Small footprint and lightweight.
  • Shutter is operated by a reliable rotary solenoid.
  • Lamp is disabled if the enclosure lid is removed.
  • Light guide interlock safety switch prevents accidental UV exposure if the light guide is not installed.
  • Internal dichroic mirror minimizes the transmission of heat caused by "waste energy" while allowing critical UV light to pass.
  • Light guide receptacle with screw lock allows proper balancing of multi-pole light guides. No additional balancing adapter required.
  • Need to measure UV irradiance of your curing process?  Click here for our UV Spot Radiometer, item # 1406024. Great for quality control and process validation.
  • Requires light guide 983677, 983684, or 951681 - sold separately.
  • Includes Foot Switch #97201

Spare Parts / Accessories

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97201Foot Switch$98.38
1664246Replacement Lamp Module for EQ CL15 UV Wand System$893.13

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