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EQ CL30 LED Flood 405

Legacy #: 2139180

Material/IDH#: 2139180

RoHS Compliance Status: Compliant


EQ CL30 LED Flood 405

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Product Description

The CL30 LED Flood System is a high intensity flood system specially designed for curing LOCTITE® UV and Visible Light Cure adhesives. The modular configuration consists of an LED head and LED Flood System Controller (item # 1359255 or 2257357) - each sold separately. The 2 meter connecting cable is included with the head.  The system is offered in either 365, 380, or 405 nm wavelengths.

Each CL30 head is equipped with 144 high power LED’s and integrated reflectors, providing uniform curing across a wide area (100 mm x 100 mm or 4 inches by 4 inches). The heads can also be stacked side by side in two directions further expanding the curing area for maximum flexibility. The expected lifetime of the LED’s is more than 20.000 hours under normal operating conditions.

The CL30 system is compatible with manual work stations as well as automated production lines. It can be operated via a foot switch or a PLC and run in either timer or continuous mode. 

Product Features:

  • LED heads stackable in two directions 
  • Expected LED life over 20,000 hours (30% intensity decay) with proper handling 
  • 100% duty cycle 
  • Instant on/off, no heat up or cool down necessary 
  • Optimal curing distance: 50 mm 
  • Compact system with integrated air cooling 
  • Temperature and voltage monitor of LEDs   


  • Lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional arc lamps with negligible output decay during duty cycle 
  • 100% of the emitted light is within the range of the curing spectra of the adhesive (when compared to Mercury vapor arc lamps) 
  • Energy efficient, LEDs produce little wasted energy 
  • Each LED head has been optimized for its specific wavelength (365 nm, 380 nm, 405 nm)  
  • Air cooling system is maintenance free

See page 6 of the manual for an example of a "Carrier Rail" for mounting multiple heads.

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1333333LED Flood Cable from Array to Controller$107.56

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